Hey everyone!! I am so happy you took time out of your busy day to check out my blog! Now, you are witnessing the birth of this blog, and I am learning right along with you guys. My hopes are that here is where I will be able to connect with you guys, learn about the world, and share my thoughts. Today, I decided to start out with a bit of a hyperbole… I am not a genius, at least according to myself. Others may disagree, haha! However, I am unstoppable when I am curious and you can always find me learning someway, somehow. Also, I thought this would be a good topic to lead into telling you guys a bit about myself! So here we go.

  1. I want to try (insert random activity?), but I’m afraid of looking stupid/failing.

I dont know about you guys, but I feel this way all of the time. I always want to try something new, like longboarding, photographing with a real camera, or even something simple like trying to sing along to a new song (which I love to do!!). But if someone else is there, and can witness my failure, and is most likely better than me or has high expectations of what I’m about to do, when I already know I will be bad at it, then I usually just don’t. I just won’t try it in front of them. I do this especially when people I really care about are around. I think it is because I have been good at a lot of things I have tried since I was like 2, so I’ve been taught that failing is bad. Now, I know it isn’t bad (unless you’re failing due to lack of effort), and that is how we learn and grow. But that does NOT make it easy! Let me know in the comments if you feel this way too or if you have tips on how to get past this!

2. I have too many dreams, yet when I’m asked what I want to be someday, I have no idea.

Alright, this cannot only be me. Maybe it’s my age or maybe it’s my personality, or even both. I just love to learn and do so many different things (contradicting #1, maybe…). You may be thinking, “wow it must be great to know what you’re interested in!” Wrong! Well, it is great to have many job/education-related interests, but that has left me without one in which I can pursue passionately, because there are many more I would be missing out one. I’m sort of stuck in this “limbo”. What are some of your interests or are you in this limbo with me?

3. What would happen if I started today?

Countless times I have thought about a goal and even written lists of how I can achieve it and by when. But, these typically don’t last for more than a week – at best. That always leaves me with the question later on about what if I had started. Then where would I have been today. And I start on my cycle of list-writing again. Fear not! I have taken one step of action that will last for more than a week – this blog! Here I am starting today, when many times before (typically in the fall) I had wanted to start a blog before. I think it is the sense of connection and expression that comes along with it that draws me in.

Anyways, thank you so much for starting this journey with me and I hope you will stick along for the ride! Let me know in the comments what you thought of this post, maybe even answer some of the questions, and I would love to hear any ideas or tips! See ya!