We all have those days where we feel like this guy:

And for those of us that exercise, we like to call this our rest day. We know we should NOT be eating that entire pack of oreos or ignoring the fact we need to shower… so what is it that we SHOULD be doing? To get you started on the right path, the healthy path, I have created the ultimate rest day guide and workseheett! If you follow along below, you should enjoy your rest day to its fullest potential, while still being ready to hit the gym with full determination tomorrow! Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter to receive the FREE worksheet full of today’s tips!!

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First of all…

Don’t Feel Guilty!!!

I don’t know if you can relate, but on a day that I don’t workout I feel guilty the entire day – like I am reversing all the hard work I did this past week. Fortunately, this is only true if you’re gorging on cake, cookies, and everything in sight. Unfortunately, that’s me. How do I deal with this? Well, I keep in mind that it’s worse if I worked out every single day and never took a rest day. Also, I stop eating the junk food (most of the time). It’s definitely not easy but I know I owe it to myself to keep up the determination. For others, it’s not so easy. In that case, there are other ways of not feeling guilty about taking a rest day. I suggest distracting yourself by being with friends, family, or some peaceful solo time. Also, you could listen to music while putting together a healthy snack or preparing this week’s meal plan. Either way, the key is not to only take your mind off of it, but rather to have positive stimuli around yourself instead.

Get Stuff Done

Yes, I mean all the stuff you either pushed off until the weekend or just couldn’t quite squeeze in before your workout. This is the perfect time to get those things done to make sure that you still accomplish something today, even if it’s not health-related. If I find myself not particularly busy on a rest day, I will study or plan for the week ahead, make sure my workout stuff is ready for tomorrow, catch up on any school work I have left over, or work on Typical Chic. There is always a ton of stuff to do for you guys and I love it all! From creating social media pictures to creating new blog posts and chatting with you guys, I can always find something to do! So, I just wanted to say thanks! Now, I know not all of you guys have blogs, but that doesn’t stop you from hopping on here and engaging in the community! Or even on your social media pages or the countless articles that are out there on the internet! All I am saying is if you really don’t have anything to do, and you have already checked in to Typical Chic for the day, then go out and explore on the internet! Take a virtual adventure!! Otherwise, quite ignoring what you have been blowing off all week and just get it done now before you head into the hard working week ahead! I promise you it will make all the hard work so much easier and more enjoyable! In the end, it’s all worth it, am I right?

Take Time for Yourself

This past week you have been working hard, so take this time to relax and do what you enjoy! Time spent on a rest day is not only for your muscles to have a break, but for your mind to also have a break. It’s important for you to do things that make you smile and feel good because these are the things that keep you going when you are dying trying to do one more rep in the gym. Not only that, but it’s an important part of being human. What is the point of all your hard work if you’re never happy? Nothing. Exactly. Personally, I reward myself by spending most of my day binge watching shows on Amazon Video. Currently, my friend got me obsessed with watching this Canadian show called Flashpoint. I know you would love it too, so here is a 30-day free trial for amazon prime, which comes with amazon video and many more goodies. However, some people can’t sit still for a whole season or still want to be somewhat active on rest days. I totally get that way sometimes too! This is when I will take a walk around the neighborhood with a friend or walk my dog, clean or organize, or any other things that I couldn’t get done during the week because I needed to workout. I’ll do these things while listening to podcasts, such as Sheroic, or motivational speech playlists on YouTube. (Check out my personal playlist on my post, Self Growth: Taking Time for Yourself) As you can probably see by now, I believe it is so important to make sure you are spending time on your happiness and I have equipped you with the tools to give yourself the best personal-time ever. So, what are you waiting for? Go take a refreshing rest day! Until then, see ya soon!

~ Valerie

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