Hi everyone! After everything I have been going through lately, I have finally been able to take time for myself. I am nonstop busy with work, school, mock trial, my relationship, and now blogging. I love each and every one of those things, that’s why I keep working hard on them. However, this left me at one of the most stressed points I have ever been in my life. I had headaches and body aches everyday, was tired constantly, and I would always feel like I am swamped with work that I could never be caught up with. After pushing through and grinding nonstop, I got to the point that I am at now. I took a few extra days off work to refocus my goals and efforts, get caught up and ahead with my tasks, and to take time for myself. Now, this does not mean I skipped work and binge watched Netflix while eating pizza! No. I have been listening to motivational videos and speeches about discipline. And through this I learned what taking time for myself means.

Taking time for yourself is one of the most important things you can do in your life. We are all focused on making money, paying bills, getting good grades, etc., etc.,  that we forget life is ultimately about enjoying it!! Whatever we are doing, it should be part of working towards our goals. However, you will not accomplish your goals if you are not in the best shape to do so. This does NOT mean physically. I mean emotionally, mentally, spiritually, personally, and maybe even physically. We have to make sure that we are in the best state possible to give all that we can towards our goals, all to ensure we live the life that we want to live!!

This can take shape in many different ways. For some it could be going out with friends, journaling, working out, anything! For me, it is taking time to separate myself from everything I have been working on, and put my attention towards something that makes me happy. I typically enjoy talking to a friend, watching Netflix, or blogging. These things help me feel like I have a purpose other than what society expects from me. These are times that my mind can take a break, relax, and recharge. This recharge time is vital to achieving your goals. It is vital to self growth. You are no help to others if you are not in the best state possible!

I have so many motivational topics that I am obsessed with and believe in, especially after listening to countless motivational videos and speeches!! That’s why today’s post is the beginning of a new series called Self Growth! It is a place where I will share motivation and ideas that I have collected and want to pass on. Where I can tie my life back into these stories and reflect on myself and hopefully help you guys as a result. Let me know how you take time for yourself and what other motivation keeps you going! Also, if you enjoyed this post you should go check out Christy’s post! She offers a plethora of different resources for inspiration and self love! See you soon!

~ Valerie