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Hey guys! I’m so glad to see you back! So it’s finally December, which means it is OFFICIALLY Christmas season! Yay! Well, recently I’ve been spending more time on Etsy looking at items for my bedroom makeover, for blogging, and for photography. The more I browsed and shopped around, I realized Etsy is a great place to buy Christmas gifts, especially because items are easily customizable and one-of-a-kind. Today’s post features what I consider the best Etsy gifts for those of us who love Pinterest, Tumblr, office or home design, and pretty much all things beautiful! Additionally, every item in today’s post is $20 or less!! Except for the last one because it comes as a set. Each title is a link that will take you to the item so you can see it for yourself and even purchase one for someone you love!

  1. Name Plate


This was one of the first items I stumbled upon. My first reaction was “It’s gorgeous!” Then I realized I’m the only one who sees my desk, so it wouldn’t be as useful to me. However, this is the perfect gift idea for someone who works at an office who needs a simple way to personalize or spice things up! Or even for an at-home office to show you own your workspace! You can customize the name, the font, the color, and even your own logo! Every she-boss or she-boss-to-be deserves one of these for the holidays!

2. Accessory Boxil_570xN.752706647_o11p

My whole theme for my bedroom makeover is blush pink, white, and gold. So when I found this I LOVED it! Again, you can customize just about everything about it, even the size. I’m the type of person who is messy but hates things being messy, so I will hide it in drawers or decorations. This idea is perfect because it provides quick and easy access while complimenting any style!

3.  Blogger T-shirts (note: this link takes you to the Etsy shop that contains these t-shirts)




I know I have just started blogging, but I am already obsessed with blogger-themed items. Not only that, but these t-shirts are my favorite style because they are simple but have the rolled-up sleeve for added style. Any blogger knows that fashion is fun and all, but when it comes down to it comfort is everything. We don’t need to put on our red-carpet outfit to sit down and spill out our heart and soul. These shirts are perfect for a quick run to the store or when you want to show off your personality inside and out. Also, getting this as a gift shows the person that you really do consider them a real-life blogger! How sweet!!

4. Blogger Notebook and Pens




Again, I couldn’t help but throw in blogger-themed items. The notebook is small and easy to carry around for when you need to jot down those quick blog post ideas! It’s a simple style that allows all your creativity to come out inside the journal itself. But you can’t get a journal without pens! These are absolutely gorgeous (and go with my bedroom decor!!). Whether you’re looking for that Pinterest-esque home office or a fashion forward journal session, this is a one-stop shop for it all!

5. Finally, Motivation and Relaxation for Those Hard Workers in Our Lives!




We all have those people in our lives that work so hard each and every day! This Christmas, why not support them with a motivating mouse pad or a relaxation kit?! Another one of my obsessions is marble. So this motivation-marble design is my absolute favorite! It’s a fashion-friendly reminder to give it your all day-in, and day-out. But you also have to make sure you take a step back and treat yourself or else you’ll burn out. What better way to show you care than to provide the ones you love with a scented, relaxation kit that still allows them to attack their goals!

Well, there you have it! My top favorite Etsy gift ideas! Let me know what you think in the comments or what your experiences with Christmas gift shopping are!! Be sure to check out this amazing Christmas-inspired post by Grace and let her know you enjoyed it too! See ya soon!

~ Valerie

**All photos used in this post rightfully belong to the links provided in the title or when clicking on the pictures. I do not own these pictures, they belong to the creators of the Etsy shop or product.